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The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree
By Courtney Breazile
Julie loved this time of year, the crisp weather, the white pure snow, the sights and smells of Christmas. It reminded her that there was still some good left in the world. After all the crap she got dealt throughout the rest of the year, it took a lot of Christmas to make her feel good about it all again.
Which is why she was trudging through a dark Christmas tree farm on Christmas Eve, she needed the peace it would bring. It would cheer up her deserted apartment. She still couldn’t believe that Travis had taken the fake fucking Christmas tree with him when he left. Seriously who did that sort of thing? What sane person would take the time to drag out a fully decorated six foot tall plastic tree?
Well he had. So she needed a replacement and she wasn’t settling for another fake. This time she wanted real. Real tree, real happiness and real love, she wanted it all.
                Julie looked up at the stars shining that she rarely saw in the city anymore. “That’s all I want for Christmas, Santa…something real.”
                Probably too much to ask for. She trudged on wishing she had thought to put on pants but thankful her mind had accepted she would need boots for this mission. Her knee length skirt was wool, but it wasn’t too warm and the fishnets underneath did nothing for her. Determination went a long way to forgetting ones suffering though and she barely felt the sting of cold.
                She walked farther than she had intended in her search for the perfect tree. She knew she would recognize it when she found it. She saw it and gasped, a little brighter than the rest, straighter and prouder. As if it had preened just for her. “Yes,” she whispered and touched its soft branches. “You are just perfect, everything I wanted in a tree.”
                Chopping it down was no easy task, but she managed, and only broke one nail in the process. Dragging it out was harder and she was panting and sweating by the time she made it back to her SUV. “Now how the hell am I going to get it up on top and tied down?” She had really not thought this whole thing through very well
                “Ma’am, do you need some help with that?”
                Julie startled and turned, finding she wasn’t as alone in the parking lot as she thought she was. A man walked toward her with a length of rope in his hands. He was a huge man, well over six feet tall with broad shoulders and blond hair that fell around them. He was dressed in jeans and a warm winter coat, much more suited to the weather and being outside than she was. She was almost embarrassed. He must think her an idiot.
                “Umm, yeah, that would be great. I need to get this home and decorated before Christmas is over. Do you work here?” Julie had thought the place closed when she drove in, all the lights in the building off, she hadn’t paid for the tree and wondered if he was going to call her out on it.
                “Yeah, I’m the owner and only worker actually.”
                “Oh! I…uhhh…I was going to pay for it…”
                The man smiled at her and her knees went weak. A smile like that could make a woman drop her panties in an instant. Perfect white teeth and dimples in his cheeks. His green eyes light up like a Christmas tree with amusement and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning audibly.
                “Its Christmas Eve, Ma’am, I won’t charge you.”
                “Julie, I mean…please call me Julie.” She stuck out her hand wishing neither of them were wearing gloves so their skin would touch. He took her hand and she felt heat through the layers anyway and she knew her panties would be damp now. This man was affecting her in unexplainable ways.
                “Nice to meet you, Julie, I’m Josh.”
                “It’s a pleasure, Josh.” Julie tried for smooth and seductive but his chuckle was less than reassuring.
                I brought out some rope just in case you didn’t come prepared.” His gaze fell to her practically bare knees and she wanted to die.
                “Thanks, I did overlook that necessity.”
                He chuckled again and went to work, easily lifting the tree on top of her vehicle and tying it down snug. She wasn’t sure how she was going to unload it once she was home but figured it would work out somehow. If she had to she would saw through the rope with a steak knife and drag it into her apartment.
                “That should stay for you,” he said and jumped down. “Have a merry Christmas, Julie.”
                “Thank you, you too, Josh.” She really wanted to say more, but wasn’t sure what. Well she did know, she wanted to say, hey lets slip away for a little Christmas Eve fling. She just couldn’t be that type of girl so she climbed into the driver’s seat and turned the key.
                Nothing happened. She tried again, still nothing. She didn’t understand. It was practically new and there was plenty of gas, she had filled up before leaving the city. She tried again, knowing it was futile but unwilling to just stop trying.
                Josh knocked on her window. She opened her door. “I’m not sure what’s going on with it.”
                “Sounds like a dead battery probably. Come inside and we’ll call a tow.”
                Julie followed Josh through the parking lot and into what she had assumed was nothing more than a small office. She was surprised to walk into a very comfortable home, small but nice and warm. One bedroom-one bath with a bachelor feel to the mismatched furniture. She hated to track snow through the place so stayed by the door as he picked up the phone, obviously unconcerned with tracking snow through with his own boots.
                “We don’t get cell service up here. Doesn’t usually matter,” he said as he hung up the phone without a word said to anyone on it.
                “No dial tone…storm must have knocked it out.”
                “Oh…” Julie said, wringing her hands, unsure what to do now. She couldn’t possibly invite herself to wait it out here, but what choice did she have?
                “Of course you will stay here. Service should be back on in no time.”
                “On Christmas eve? I can’t impose…”
                “Really? You have another option?” He leaned against the counter and gave her a look that said cut the shit. They both knew there was no other option.
                Julie sighed and started to unbutton her coat. “Thank you, I hope you didn’t have plans I’m ruining.”
                “None at all. Was just going to sit around and wait for Santa to arrive.”
                Julie relaxed and let a little giggle out as she hung up her coat. “I was going to do the same thing.” She bent to remove her boots. Her fishnets were damp and her toes were ice.
                “You better go sit in front of the fire. What were you thinking going out there like that?” There was mirth in his voice but he didn’t laugh aloud so she didn’t snap back at him for pointing out her idiocy.
                “I was having a bad day. A Christmas tree was going to fix it and I didn’t think all the way through it I guess.”
                “Go sit and I will make us some hot cocoa.”
                She watched him retreat into the kitchen and very much enjoyed the site of his tight jeans. That was the ass of a man who worked hard on a daily basis. The sight thawed her but she still headed to the fireplace to warm the rest of the way. She couldn’t see into the kitchen but heard him rummaging around. She slipped out of her fishnets, hanging them next to the fireplace to dry. She sat on the rug in front of the fire and stuck her toes up close. The heat traveled over her toes, along her bare legs and up her thighs, she couldn’t resist spreading her legs a bit to let it reach farther up her skirt. The heat touched her like fiery tongues and she closed her eyes as she absorbed it into her core, heating from the inside out.
                “I hope you like marshmallows.”
Josh’s voice so close to her brought her out of her erotic daydream and she snapped her legs shut so fast her knees banged painfully together. She bit back a pained growl and tried to smile through her embarrassment. “Marshmallows in my hot cocoa are perfect, thank you.” She took the procured cup and moaned as the sweet spicy dark chocolate liquid filled her mouth and slid down her throat. “Oh that is good.”
                “Thank you. It’s my own special blend.”
                “You made this?” Julie looked up at him and realized he was fingering her fishnets she had hung. “Oh sorry, they were wet….”
                “I’m sure Santa will enjoy filling these with treats.” Josh sat beside her with a grin and sipped his cocoa.
                They sat in silence for a while, both soaking in the heat of the fire and the hot cocoa. Soon Julie was unable to resist parting her legs again, welcoming the heat that was licking at her knees for entrance. The sensation was deeply erotic and soon she felt her panties dampen and she was overly aware of the sexy hard man beside her. She wasn’t usually bold with dates, let alone strangers, but this was Christmas Eve and she didn’t want to be lonely.
                Julie set down her mug and let her legs fall open a little wider, inviting. She leaned back, exposing her neck and giving him a good view down her sweater. She met his green gaze and smiled, flicking her tongue out and wetting her lips. “It’s quite warm by this fire,” she said and played with the top button of her sweater.
                A rumble of appreciation vibrated in Josh’s chest as he leaned toward her. His lips gentle as they landed on hers, soft and pressing, asking rather than demanding. She parted hers eagerly, wanting more of him. His tongue slipped into her mouth, languidly caressing hers. He tasted like cinnamon and vanilla. Like a Christmas morning.
                Julie reached up and grasped his long hair, holding his head as if he were going to try and get away. She moaned against his mouth, turning her body into his. His thick arms wrapped around her and pulled her onto his lap so she was straddling him. Her back warming from the fire and her front warming even faster from him, it was perfect. Her hands worked the buttons of his shirt down to his jeans and she pulled his undershirt up, wanting skin to skin contact.
                His hands were teasing the skin under her sweater and she ached for him to rip the thing off. She arched her back, her skirt hiked up around her thighs and her cunt rubbed against his hard cock. Just a few inconsequential layers of cloth separated them. She broke the kiss to pull his shirt over his head. Once off she met his gaze again and smiled as his hands pulled her sweater over her head. She was so glad she had worn matching bra and panties today. She just wished they weren’t Christmas themed.
                Josh smiled as he studied the bra, his finger tracing along the red lace edges. “Mistletoe?”
                “Ummm yeah, they were a gift.” As if that excused her wearing them.
                “I think it’s adorable.”
                Her smile brightened and she leaned down to kiss him once again on the lips before kissing her way down his chest. She bit at each dark nipple then licked down his happy trail to the waistband of his pants. Her fingers shook as she unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his erect cock. She giggled at the sight of his boxers, red with green Christmas wreaths covering them. Her mouth dry she licked her lips and looked up into his eyes as she took him deep into her mouth.
                He groaned and his lids half closed as she pulled back slowly. She loved that look on a lover’s face. The complete surrender to the pleasure she was giving them. It really was better to give than to receive in her opinion. Her cunt was dripping as she continued, excited by his grunts groans and thrusts. Her tongue played around the head and along the shaft then she took him full and deep again.
                His hands slid into her hair and pulled slightly, spurring her on. She groaned around his cock and he pulled a little harder, using it to guide her head up and down as his hips thrust with slow deep movements. He groaned loud and pulled her off and up, smashing his lips to hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and taking. His softness from earlier was gone and she loved it.
                Josh lifted her easily, standing them both up and dropping her back on the couch. He slid his pants and boxers off then pushed her skirt up, finding that her panties matched her bra he grinned. Then slid them down, kissing along one leg and back up the other. He buried himself between her thighs. His long hair tickled as his head moved and nuzzled until he found what he was looking for. His tongue flicked across her clit and she arched her back with a gasp. He pressed forward, his tongue covering her clit and rubbing against it as she thrust her hips up and began to pant.
                His hands spread her thighs wider and she threw one foot over the back of the couch, the other hit the floor. She was splayed for him, wanting him to have access to every inch of her. His hand slid up, rubbing along her drenched lips. Slipping so easily inside, pressing through her cunt, curling up and finding her g-spot.
                “Oh God,” Julie gasped, her hands gripping the couch behind her head.  
                Josh was relentless. His teeth grazing her clit as he alternated sucking it and lapping at it. His fingers worked in and out of her, always hitting her just right. Her mouth was open and she knew words and sounds were falling out but she couldn’t concentrate on what or even care. Her body was on fire, he was stoking it and she knew she was about to come.
                She felt a rush of hot liquid and he moaned against her clit. It was all she could take. She screamed as she came, her back arching and her hands ripping at the couch. He didn’t stop what he was doing, just rode her through until she was still, and gasping.
                He moved up her body, pulling down her bra and taking her nipple into his mouth. She was easily aroused again, wanting to feel him deep inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to direct him where she wanted. He obeyed, pressing the head of his cock to her cunt. He moved from her breast and kissed her lips, the taste of her cunt sweet and musky, intoxicating. As she sucked at his tongue he pushed forward, his cock filling her.
                She wrapped her arms around his neck, sliding up into his hair and holding on as he began to move and thrust. Pushing deep then sliding out till only the head of his cock remained, making her want to scream in frustration at the loss of the fullness. She whimpered against his lips and he pushed in again, making her back arch.
                Soon he was increasing the tempo, pounding now. He broke the kiss to throw back his head and cry out as he moved against her. She slid a hand down between their bodies and fingered her clit as he fucked her. She felt another orgasm building fast. She knew she would come as soon as he did.
                He pulled her up to straddle him and he laid back, allowing her full control. She relished it, riding him hard and fast. Watching his face as his pleasure built, his Christmas tree green eyes darker now with pleasure. She continued working her clit and he grasped her hips pounding and pounding.
                “Oh fuck!” he groaned, holding her tight as he came in her.
                The rush of heat brought her over the edge and she came too, wetness rushing around his cock and dribbling over his balls. She collapsed against his chest and closed her eyes. The sound of the fire crackling and his ragged breathing filled her mind and lulled her into an exhausted sleep.
                Julie was awakened by the sun blinding her through the open curtains. She was still lying on Josh’s chest. She propped herself up and saw his eyes were still closed. Pushing the hair out of his face she noticed his ears were extremely pointed. “Odd,” she whispered.
 A sparkling caught her eye and she saw a fully decorated Christmas tree in the room that hadn’t been there the night before. She swung her gaze around and saw her fishnets that were still hung on the fireplace were now stuffed with small packages, a note attached to the top.
Dear Joshua,
                I had hoped your silly retreat from the workshop would have been temporary. I fully intended to take you back with me tonight. But I see you have found something you were missing at the pole.
Merry Christmas,
S. Claus
                “What the fuck?” she gasped and jumped off of him.
                Josh jumped up and looked around as if he were ready to fight off an intruder. His eyes landed on the tree first then the stockings and note, he smiled. “Yeah it is what you think it is.”
                Julie wasn’t sure if she should scream or pass out, she settled for giggling nervously.
                Josh pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she forgot all about what was concerning. This man just might be everything she wanted.


Merry Christmas!

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