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Halloween Charm

It takes three to break the spell of a sorceress...

Amelia is tired of being dead, cursed into a cycle of reincarnation and death at the hands of her lover. She craves the touch of him, her murderer. She searches Daray out but finds Charm instead.
Charm is surprised by the ghost that she takes home. Amelia is more than a nuisance, she is an unexpected pleasure, a delightful sub.
Daray is shocked to find his love in the arms of another woman. Even more surprising is the way Charm welcomes him into their arms and bed.
Could this little charm be the key to breaking their lover’s curse?

“It feels so incredible to actually be able to touch and be touched,” Amelia whispered. She lifted a hand and stroked it along Charm’s face. “I haven’t been felt by another in almost a year. My only source of pleasure or feeling has been from watching others interact. It’s left me so desperate to feel.” Amelia’s fingers caressed Charm’s waist.

Charm’s gaze drifted down to Amelia’s mouth and she licked her lips, wondering what it would be like to make love to her. Would she like the rough play that Charm did? She was so beautiful, so obviously sensual, and so very dead. Charm’s body began to tingle, excited by the thought. Before she could talk herself out of it, she leaned forward, capturing Amelia’s soft lips with hers.

Amelia moaned immediately and parted her lips. Charm had always been a bold lover, always taking control and this was no different. She deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue into Amelia’s sweet mouth, caressing and coaxing her tongue to play. Amelia’s hands clasped at Charm’s back, pulling them even closer together. Charm ran her hands down to Amelia’s plump bottom, forcing their hips to meet.

Charm felt Amelia tremble in her arms and Charm’s panties dampened. She moved her hands to the hem of Amelia’s shirt, slipping under it to the bare skin beneath and caressing up until she felt the lace of her bra. She never broke the kiss as she touched Amelia, moving her hands to cup her heavy breasts, feeling her nipples so hard through the thin material covering them. Charm pinched them lightly and Amelia groaned, her hips pushing forward against Charm.

“Oh God, Charm, it feels so good to be touched.”

Amelia’s green eyes were wide and she was panting slightly as Charm continued to tease her nipples through the lace bra. The pure enjoyment Charm saw on her face was intoxicating and she wanted to take it all the way, wanted to see her face as she rode an intense orgasm.

The Prop

This prop was made to be played with...

Kat has been The Tattoo Lady for five years and she has been propositioned for nearly everything by paying customers outside her cage. Devon’s proposition is something new, to be a prop in a photo shoot. She accepts and is delighted to find the model she will act as prop for is a beautiful woman.

Tiffany is entranced by the exotically erotic woman and would do anything to run her fingers over those lines of ink.

Their photo shoot leads to drinking and a threesome that none of them can forget. Can Kat risk her place among the freaks of the circus for the chance of meeting them again? Is there any hope of another night in their arms?

Kat got into her zone and performed. She stretched and strutted and displayed herself in the background as Tiffany did the same near the bars. Devon took what seemed like a million pictures before making any comment at all.
“Kat, I need you to get closer to her, maybe like you’re sneaking up. Tiffany, I want you to look a little desperate, hold the bars tight like you really want out.”
He started snapping pictures again and Kat crouched, creeping forward then got to her hands and knees, crawling toward Tiffany. She was so close and her thoughts began to get wicked. She stuck out a tongue and dragged it up the side of Tiffany’s leg. Tiffany’s leg stiffened, but she didn’t give much more reaction than that and Devon kept taking pictures, so Kat didn’t stop until she reached Tiffany’s dress.
She turned to the camera then, one hand slipping up Tiffany’s leg and under her dress, she bared her fangs.
“Perfect,” Devon whispered as the camera flashed.
Kat stood then, towering over Tiffany she put her hands on the bars, mimicking Tiffany’s stance like a shadow. Then she bent her head and pressed her lips to Tiffany’s bare shoulder. She wasn’t positive, but she thought she heard a small moan from Tiffany. Kat stepped back as Tiffany slid to her knees and stuck one leg out between the bars.
Feeling more and more turned on, Kat stretched and posed close to Tiffany, touching her as much as she could without being obvious. Tiffany didn’t seem to mind, but Kat didn’t know if that was all a part of the modeling thing or not. She never reached out and touched Kat, never initiated but seemed very accepting.
Devon finally lowered the camera and they both stopped posing, walking up to the bars and waiting for instruction. “I think I want to do a few from the other side now.”
“Wow, that was fun,” Tiffany said with a bright smile. “Devon always has interesting concepts for photo shoots, but I think you might be my favorite.”
Kat’s heart started to beat faster and she felt heat flush her body, Tiffany did seem to like how Kat had been touching her. “It is quite fun,” Kat agreed, her voice a little husky. She had to bite her lip to keep from giggling after she spoke. She hoped Devon would hurry up, he was taking far too long and she wanted an excuse to touch Tiffany some more.
Devon walked in then. “I want to get some from behind, so do what you were doing before as if I was still on the other side.”
They posed like that for a while and Kat’s mind wouldn’t stay off of Tiffany’s curves. Without being able to see Devon taking pictures of them, she almost felt like they were alone. She had to stop herself a few times from reaching out and really grabbing her, turning her around and seeing if there was as much lust on Tiffany’s face as there was in Kat’s body.
Devon cleared his throat and both girls stilled. Kat had her body pressed against Tiffany’s back, their hands clasped together above their heads on the bars. “I think I got enough,” he said.
They separated slowly and stood. Kat felt a little awkward, so full of lust and desire for Tiffany who was probably only playing the part. Her gaze dropped, afraid to meet Devon’s. She was surprised to see a very noticeable bulge in his pants. Her gaze shot up and she saw a wicked smile on his face, his eyes were intense on her for a moment, then he looked at Tiffany.
“That was awesome, you two were perfect together. I do believe you surpassed prop though, Kat, and became another model for me. Not that I mind, it was spectacular I can’t wait to see the prints.”
“Yes, it felt good, so I’m sure they will be great as usual,” Tiffany said as she pulled on her coat.
Devon started packing away his camera and Kat felt panic well up inside her. She didn’t want this to end, not yet. “Would you two like to join me for a drink? My trailer isn’t much, but I always have plenty of wine to offer.”
“That sounds lovely,” Tiffany said quickly.
Kat smiled at her, then looked to Devon. He tossed her an envelope she assumed had her payment in it. “I’m up for whatever you girls want to do.”
That was an intense little statement and Kat felt a little thrill. “Well then follow me.”

Green Embrace

You obsess me, I want you to possess me....

Ever is a half witch, half Animal Elf who was raised in the human world. As if that didn’t give her enough issues she is part of a prophecy that has everyone after her and her convinced she is destined to be a weapon for the wrong side.
Selene is a witch who never wanted to be leader of a coven but after being thrown into the position she is looking for a way to escape. When Ever contacts Selene through astral projection and asks for her help in escaping Vincent, Selene jumps on the chance. She becomes obsessed with the beautiful woman who appears to her and would do anything to have her.
Saving her from Vincent is only the beginning. Neither willing to give control of any kind to the other they clash at every turn and their exploding passion isn’t enough to keep them together.
Is their obsession enough to bring them together before Vincent takes back what he claims is his?

Selene couldn’t look at Ever as memories of why she had been searching for her in the first place, invaded her mind. Those nighttime visits, those erotic astral projections that had obsessed her, still obsessed her. “I wouldn’t allow a sister witch to be held captive, that would have been unacceptable,” Selene said, her voice gone a bit husky.
“Yes, you were doing your duty…I see, well thank you,” Ever said sharply.
Selene shot her gaze back to Ever and narrowed her eyes. Ever was glaring back, her mismatched eyes flashing angrily. “Do you have a problem, Ever?” Selene demanded and stood, ready to storm away and not look back.
Ever stood, too, and they were now only a breath apart. “Yeah, I do.” Ever grabbed Selene by the back of her hair and pulled her forward in a crushing kiss.
Selene was so surprised at first she couldn’t react. Ever’s warm lips pressed firmly to hers until she was forced to part them and then Ever’s tongue invaded. Hot and sweet, Ever tasted of strong magic and a wildness that had to come from her Animal Elf half.
Selene recovered from her shock and gripped Ever’s short hair as she swirled her tongue around Ever’s. She sucked on Ever’s tongue until it retreated, then nipped at her lips, pulling her supple lower lip into her mouth until Ever moaned and pressed her lower body against Selene’s. Ever’s grip in Selene’s hair loosened and Selene pulled back to look into Ever’s eyes.
“Don’t be a bitch, Ever. I want you and if you don’t fucking want me, too, then back off, but don’t play games.”
“Fuck you, Selene I have done nothing but want you. Your soul was like a goddamn siren calling me when I was searching for help and I have been sucked in ever since.”
“You invaded my mind with your clit-teasing visits, obsessing me until I couldn’t even close my eyes without imagining what I wanted to do to you.”
“Then fucking show me,” Ever demanded, grabbing Selene’s crotch roughly and making her groan.

Skin and Moon 

Betrayal comes from unexpected places...and so does love...

She runs, and manages to hide but she can’t forget his brief touches and insane claims of being her mate. Fucking him out of her head is the best plan she can come up with. If only his scent wouldn’t haunt her she might succeed.
Danger to her coven and a betrayal from within drives her to accept his help. She will use him to gain her coven’s trust back, but once she lets him claim her, can she just leave him?
He would do anything to have her. His werewolf instincts drive him to take her and make her his own. Will he be able to let her go if she chooses her coven over him?

“Kill me, Terrance, if that is what you’re here to do. Just stop torturing me with your scent all over the fucking place!” she called out to the room on the hunch he was listening.
“Is that really what you want?” Terrance’s rough sensuous voice slid over Emmalia and she shivered.
She rolled to her side to face the direction of the voice and saw him slip through the wall from the bathroom as if he were walking through air. It was creepy, and yet the sight of him made her body react as if it were the most erotic thing she had ever seen in her life. Her nipples hardened and her panties dampened. “For you to stop torturing me, yes,” her voice was weak and she cleared her throat, trying to focus.
“Is it torture to smell me all over the place?”
“You’re an animal, marking your territory. Except the humans around here can’t even sense it so you’re wasting your time.” Emmalia was impressed with how flippant her words came out this time. Inside, she was still struggling. The desire to rush him and kiss him was fighting with the desire to run away from him screaming.
“It isn’t for the stupid human’s benefit that I have been spreading my scent about.” He arched a black brow at her and she felt her toes curl. He exuded confidence and it was so attractive.
If he had been anything else, she would be all over him right now. She would be dragging him to the bed and tearing at his clothes, wanting him to prove that his confidence was founded on sexual fact, prove that he really could do all the things his voice and eyes promised. “I figured as much. So what is your plan? You have me here, alone.” Emmalia licked her lips, knowing it would entice him. She couldn’t help it, she wanted him so badly. If he was about to rip out her throat, she wanted to at least know what it would be like to have his hard body against hers before she died.
A deep rumble emitted from Terrance’s chest as he took a step forward, his gaze locked onto her lips. “I’m here to claim my mate. Will you deny me?”

Mating Call

A wolf or a voice can stake the claim, but it takes an immortal heart to seal the deal...

His voice calls to her in a place where she cannot deny it.  It excites her so she doesn’t want to deny it.  She will deny it all to save her principles.  He wants her, his wolf won’t leave her.  He will give her what she needs, whether she likes it or not.
His eyes settled back to brown and he shut the door. As he approached her to take the clothing, he breathed deep and his eyes once again flared to yellow.
Lillian stepped away quickly, knowing what that change was all about--he could scent the remains of her desire, the pleasure she had allowed herself to feel for him in private. She knew her eyes were wide, not from fright, but shame for him to know that she so desired him.
He stared at her for a moment, eyes narrowing slightly, hands clenched around the fabric of the borrowed clothes. He opened his mouth, as if he were about to say something, then shut it and walked to the bathroom.
She sagged with relief, falling into the nearby chair. This situation may be more than she was capable of handling. After gathering herself once again, she restrained her emotions and pushed all feeling aside. She sat straight and still in the chair, ready to tell him what she proposed.
Henry came out of the bathroom, his long hair dry now and floating around his shoulders, which were wide and pressing out at the seams of Lucas’s borrowed tunic.
She was going to have to find him some better fitting clothes. This was almost as bad as having him naked. She could see every line of his body and what made it worse, was she knew exactly what each line looked like without clothes. The image was forever burned into her brain and it was excruciatingly pleasant. “I have thought of something that might work well, a plan of sorts to find the traitor in my colony.”
Henry gave her a look clearly stating his doubt.
She almost stopped. He was going to hate the idea, but it was better than his lame idea. There was just no way any of the elves in her colony would buy that she needed him as protection. “I think that my idea is better suited to our situation and definitely more believable.”
“Uh-huh, right. So what is it?” He sat across from her and leaned back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest and looking completely closed off to anything she had to say, as if he were merely humoring her with listening at all.
It grated on her nerves. “You know what, never mind. It doesn’t matter. You’ll just tell me it’s not as good as your idea, even though it is, stubborn male.”
He shot forward in his seat, eyes bulging out in shock. “I’m stubborn? Are you kidding me? You are the elf here. It doesn’t get much more stubborn than that.”
“Elves are not stubborn. We believe what we believe and we, unlike so many others, adhere to our beliefs. We don’t pick and choose when we want to follow our own rules.”
“Oh yeah, is that why you mated with a different species? Is that why you have a half-breed daughter out there?”

Wet Glamour 

The only thing worse than spending time with the elf who betrayed her, is having him find out she never stopped loving him...

After running out on Rina, his declared mate, Lucas shows up years later with an invitation to The Council of Immortals. He needs her to represent the mermaid species on the council, for very personal reasons.

Rina never wanted to see Lucas again. He chose his sister and his clan over her. She definitely has no interest in being on a council of any kind with him, and she is more than happy to shoot him down, while showing off her love free self, even if it has to be gained through magical persuasion.

When her sister is kidnapped by a psychotic wizard creating a deadly scavenger hunt, pitting all immortal species against one another, she knows her best chance of saving her is with The Council of Immortals’ help.

Can she keep her love hidden from Lucas long enough to save her sister? Or will the song of love that she has been hiding burst forth and ruin everything?

Rina stood staring at the door, assessing her feelings. Lucas was on the other side of that door, she could feel it, but did she want to sing? No, I don’t. The thought fortified her and she lifted her hand to knock, but the door swung open before her hand descended. Lucas stood there, a glamour shimmering around him very similar to the one he had been using when she had seen him outside the shop—a buffed up beach boy with tanned skin and bulging muscles. In reality, he was tall and lean with shimmering pale skin. He wore a pair of low-slung jeans and no shirt, revealing a delicious amount of hairless skin and two enticing brown nipples. His long white hair was braided down his back, leaving his pointed ears to stand out considerably.

An unbidden memory of nipping and licking those lovely points popped into her mind. She quickly tamped down on the titillating memory and moved her gaze to his mouth. His lips showed the slightest hint of uplifting at the corners, a major show of emotion for any elf. The annoyance of that thought gave her the strength to look into his eyes, big mistake. She almost lost herself in the swirling brown pools. Thankfully Rive chose then to gently kick her foot. Rina moved her gaze down to his slightly pointed chin, much safer.

“I’m here. Are you going to make me stand in the hall or what?” Rina was proud of her strong confidant voice in spite of her whirring emotions. She could feel them trying to assimilate, but they kept getting scrambled, blocked both by Acquanetta’s persuasion and her own determination.

“Of course, won’t you come in?” Lucas stepped back so all three could enter his room, “I had hoped to speak with you in private.”

“Right, like that was going to happen,” Rive said as she passed into the room.

“I don’t keep things from my mersisters,” Rina said. Then just because it felt good to point out, she added, “My mersisters care only about what makes me happy, and who. So I don’t need to keep secrets.”

“Really, so I guess that means Brook knows you are here and approves?”

Rina bristled at the comment and she saw his blank face change slightly with satisfaction. “I’m here, what did you need to say to me that was so important it couldn’t be relayed through one of my mersisters?” Rina watched his face carefully, searching for the slightest change in his expression to indicate his thoughts and feelings. Nothing. His was a frustrating race and time had changed nothing. How was she supposed to enjoy showing him she didn’t love him anymore if he didn’t express his misery over the fact, or at least surprise?

Lucas had dropped his glamour once the door was shut, no use hiding in here. So now there was nothing to get in the way of her appreciative, hungry perusal of his body. Damn, I have to keep my thoughts straight. But it was harder than she thought it would be. She wasn’t feeling love for him, but still felt attracted to him. She just hoped she didn’t have easy lay written across her expressive face. If the situation weren’t so complicated, she would be dragging him to that bed right now, tearing his clothes off with her teeth and licking every inch of his delicious body.

Rina bit her lip to keep the groan of desire from escaping. She could do nothing for the wetness she felt between her thighs. Lucas’s eyes widened and she knew he was smelling her arousal. Damn his immortal senses. One thing she could count on, she hoped, was he had always been a gentleman. He would never embarrass her by bringing up her obvious desire for him.

Sexathon (Anthology)

Including my story: Dragon Brothers

Keeping Blood

Being a dangerous hybrid makes every immortal your enemy...

Born into a world of immortal creatures Alexia is a one of a kind hybrid between her vampire mother and werewolf father. Shunned by both species she is alone in her world, wishing only to be human and for once, truly accepted. Ian, a werewolf from another pack, shows up and claims she is his fated mate, much to his own displeasure. When Alexia’s parents disappear, she is forced to ask Ian, and a very unpleasant vampire, Paxton, for help in finding them. Thrown together in their mission to save her parents will they also find that they share a fate to be mated? Will Alexia finally find acceptance with Ian, or will their differences keep them apart?

"Ian drove Alexia’s car and she sat silently in the passenger seat, trying to deny the fact that the sweet earthy smell of his blood was as tempting as a dark chocolate truffle. Her fangs were extended in her mouth and she knew her eyes glowed with need. Her sex ached with a different need entirely, as if the scent of his blood were the most potent of aphrodisiacs, perhaps it was. She squirmed in her seat uncomfortably and kept her lids down to keep from alerting any cars they passed with their inhuman glow. She wasn’t able to hide the obvious desire from Ian. He would see the glow of her eyes even though they were pointed down, and he would scent the desire pooling between her thighs.
"Should I be worried that you are going to lose control and attack me?" he asked mockingly.
Alexia hissed at him in response, a noise so vamp like it even startled herself.
"I’ll take that as a no. Well then, how about we discuss the plan for tonight?"
"Whatever." She sighed, but was thankful for the reminder of what she needed to do. The important thing was finding her parents. With that thought firmly planted in her mind, her fangs receded slightly, but the ache between her thighs continued mercilessly. Her whole body felt hot with it."

Lilly's Turn for a Rose

Lilac roses, scorching heat, it just might be worth her soul...

Lilly wants the life she was promised and a love she deserves. When Myra shows up and magically fixes everything that is wrong with Lilly’s life Lilly is willing to suspend belief for a chance at passion. But will the price to keep it be too high?

“My name is Myra and I wish to pursue you. I offer you gifts in declaration of this intention.”
“You wish to pursue me?” Lilly asked, incredulous.
“Yes, my intentions are to give you everything you desire.” Myra spoke in a calm mater-of-fact way that made Lilly nervous.
“In exchange for what? My soul?” Lilly said with a laugh, Myra’s uncomfortable look made the sound end on a choke, the temperature once again rising in the car. “What are you?”
“What I am is complicated. What is not complicated is my desire for you. It was instantaneous and fierce. I want you for my own and I offer in return everything you could ever desire.”
“I don’t--”
“Do not deny me without first experiencing what it is that I offer you. You have seen only part of what I can do for you.”
“The men?” she asked, not sure if she wanted the answer.
“They did not deserve to live, I heard you call for their deaths and I delivered as you asked. You only have to ask and anything else will be yours as well.”
Myra’s words were so heartfelt and urgent Lilly wasn’t sure what to think. It couldn’t possibly be true, yet how else could she explain the odd happenings lately.
“The money in my mother’s account?”
“You were so worried and it seemed to be easily fixed.”
Myra reached out a hand and stroked Lilly’s cheek. Her hand was warm and soft, her touch gentle and caring. Lilly was helpless to deny the ache of longing she felt. She wanted, needed, to be cared for as Myra was offering.
“Let me take you to my home. Let me show you what I offer and if you decide it is not what you want, then I won’t force you to stay. You will always have the freedom to choose.”
Lilly closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of Myra’s hand as it traveled up her bare leg and thigh, leaving a burning trail of desire leading straight to her too-long neglected core. Lilly sucked in a sharp breath as Myra’s nails scraped over the thin material covering her crotch. Her breath was sultry against Lilly’s cheek.
“Will you come with me, Lilly?”

Cafe Nowhere

Anthology including my story: The Writer and the Warrior

Blood Visions

Magic blood, snarling beasts, love tamed and true...

Zyra is dating a Vampire who is completely obsessed with her, but now that the newness has worn off she realizes it’s nothing more than great sex. She wants more. She wants the true love she knows will last her throughout her immortal days and nights. Tarquin has been living on instinct for far too long, it is his time to die, and he knows it. Can the patience of his beautiful enemy give him the will to control himself, and can they find a way to pure ecstasy together in bed?

“Zyra, you have been feeding again.” Paxton fell into step beside her, seemingly out of nowhere. A vampire could move faster than the human eye could see, a reason why rumors were rampant that they could fly or teleport, something only those psychotic Elves could do, that she knew of.
“Paxton, you know I have to feed at least once a week. I am just too young to be a mommy, too irresponsible by far.” Zyra spoke with a light teasing tone and ran her finger suggestively along the front seam of his pants. “So now that I am all pumped on human blood, why don’t we go somewhere and fuck?”
Paxton hissed and grabbed her hand in a punishing grip. “No more games Zyra, I can smell the magic. You went out deliberately looking for a Blood Vision didn’t you? Are you really so unhappy in your life with me?” His voice turned pleading and so sad. He dropped her hand and turned away.
“Oh Paxton.” Zyra laid a hand on his shoulder. “You know how I feel. I never misled you in any way. You just chose to believe what you wanted.”
Paxton stiffened and Zyra could smell his anger intensifying. “That’s bullshit and you know it.” He whirled back to look at her, his eyes burning bright red in his anger. “I can’t make you stay, but I don’t have to let you live in peace without me either.”
With those foreboding words he was gone, moving so fast that a couple hookers down the street had to look twice and rub their eyes to try and make sense of the man who had seemingly just disappeared right in front of them."

Reincarnated Death Wish

To experience passion is to choose death...

Amelia lives each day with the knowledge that she will be killed on October 31st, her twenty-second birthday, only to be reincarnated one hundred years later. While alive she is haunted by dreams of passion she is never able to experience and death she knows is waiting for her. A demon is coming to kill her, and fate decrees that she will choose death from him. What could possibly drive her to ask for her own death—only the promise of her every fantasy coming true before the death blow.

"At eleven I heard him, calling to me. He wanted me to return to my apartment, he waited there for me. My knees went weak with fear and excitement, I couldn’t control the compulsion to obey, I had to go to him. Without a single goodbye, I walked out, mind numb to anything other than the task at hand, getting to my demon.
Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I was doing something stupid, I shouldn’t make it this easy for him. If he wanted to kill me, then I should make him come to me, but those thoughts were fleeting and I could not make myself obey them.
Daray’s thoughts and desires filled my mind, and that is what my body obeyed, as if he were its true master. I was helpless to fight it, and I wasn’t afraid. His compelling me was not malicious. It was somehow comforting, as if a long awaited return. This is what I have lived the last twenty-two years waiting for.
When I stood outside my apartment door wondering how I got there, I almost faltered. I had a sudden moment of returned clarity, I wanted to fight, I wanted to live. I was not going down easy."

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