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Sally's Demon

Sally’s Demon


Courtney Breazile

Chapter One



Sally hated working holidays.  There was nothing worse at a truck stop restaurant than the angry people who stopped in during a holiday.  Everyone who was normally just pissy to be working away from home was even more so because they were missing holiday time with their families. 

“Order up, Sally,” Joe called out as he slid a plate of sloppy Joes, the house specialty, through the window. 

Today they were all served with a tiny American flag in celebration of the Fourth of July holiday.  Not that any of these people were stopping to admire the small effort before they scarfed it down and left without dropping a tip worth mentioning.

Sally grabbed the plate and bit back a curse as some of the boiling hot meat dripped off onto her wrist.  She plastered a smile on her face and swung her tiny hips around the counter and out to the waiting customer.

“Here you are, and is there anything else I can get for you?”  Sally asked with the sweetest smile she could manage, not that it would make a difference in the end.  This one came in here often, and he was notoriously stingy.

A grunt in the negative was his reply as he flicked the tiny flag out of his sandwich and dug in with vigor.  Sally turned to leave, only slightly deflated, she really hadn’t expected much different. 

Her eyes landed on the back of a man in her section.  Someone new, he was alone, and from what she could tell he was not a trucker.  He had shaggy hair that looked clean and styled, never knowing the underside of a ball cap she was sure.  She straightened her shoulders and plastered on a little more than her usual gracious smile and hurried to him. 

“Happy Fourth of July, how are you doing this fine afternoon?”  Sally repeated the line she had been saying, for about seven hours now, with a new pip as she saw the handsome face seated there.  He had pale blue eyes under dark brows.  His skin was sun kissed with perfect spattering of stubble.  Absolutely delicious, she thought to herself.  Sally pulled a pencil out of her auburn bun and licked the tip, knowing full well that the action would direct his eyes to her full pouty lips.

“And to you…Sally.”  The man’s gaze lingered at her nametag before moving back up to meet her green eyes.  His voice was silky smooth and almost seemed to echo through her mind.

“Here at Joe’s, our specialty is always the Sloppy Joe.”  It was something she was required to say.  “It’s actually pretty good if you’re interested,” she added when he just looked at her with intense eyes.

“Oh I’m interested,” the man said quietly as his gaze ran the length of her appreciatively, all the way down to her sensible white shoes.

“Order up,” Joe called from behind the counter, snapping Sally back to reality.

“I will be right back with some water while you peruse the menu.”

“I think I have already decided.”  Sally thought she heard him say as she hurried to grab the order.

“Step it up out there, Sally, you know how they get on holidays,” Joe said as she grabbed the plate of chicken fried steak and home fries. 

She smiled at him apologetically and took the plate out to one of her regulars.  She dropped the plate down without a word and hurried to grab a glass of water for the gorgeous mystery man.

“Here…you…are.”  Her excitement crashed with each word as she stared into the wrinkled face of an old man who was sitting where her mystery man had been only moments before. 

She recovered quickly and went through the motions of her job, the job she had been doing since she was sixteen.  Not here at Joe’s of course, this was just the latest in a long line of diner’s she had worked in as she made her way around the country, searching for her ever elusive freedom.  She had only ever found it on her bike while cruising down a deserted road with no destination in mind.  The rest of the time she was thinking about it, hoping for it, and living life in order to get that feeling again as soon as possible.

Two hours later she was walking out the back with half her usual tips and a deep disappointment over the disappearance of that blue eyed man.  There was an hour until fireworks would light the sky in the nearby town of Petersville.  Sally debated going downtown to watch, for just a moment, but she knew she would fall asleep as soon as she walked through her apartment door.  Every part of her was exhausted and that took precedence over fireworks any day.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  She felt it, the pull.  She would be moving on soon, she had already been here six months.  That was longer than she usually stayed in one place and she felt it down in her bones.  She would get on her bike and ride through the countryside with her hair blowing behind her.  It was a freedom that she never even came close to feeling any other way.  It was what she lived for, what she worked long hours in crappy diners for, and it was time to give it to herself again.  No more thinking about bills or shifts, handsy bosses and customers.  It would be just her and her bike with nothing to worry about but the road in front of her and the rumble of the engine under her.

She sighed, thinking of the sour look Joe would give her when she told him she was leaving.  It was a look she was very familiar with.  All diner owners seemed to have it perfected.  It said you are really putting me out and you should be paying me to write you a letter of recommendation to take with you.  But never once had that look made her change her mind, and this time would be no different.  Joe was one of her favorite bosses, but it wasn’t enough to make her stay here, nothing was.

Sally stuffed her wallet and uniform into the saddlebag on her bike and swung her now jeans clad leg over.  “Yep definitely time to move on.”  She knew it because right now she wanted to ride until sunrise without looking back.  But she wouldn’t do that, she would give Joe the two week’s notice he deserved and be on her way.

“I should have known you were a biker chick.” 

Sally swung her head around, startled by the silky voice.

Her blue eyed stranger was leaning casually against the building.  His dark clothes blended with the shadows and he looked like he could melt into them and disappear, like he was at home there as he was no other place on this earth.

“You didn’t want dinner?”  She asked even as she chastised herself for the stupid response, but he made her mind and body whirl with life and it was so hard to concentrate on being smooth.

He chuckled softly and pushed away from the wall.  As he walked towards her his body moved so smoothly, it was unnatural.  Her gaze caught in his and she smiled.

“I am hungry, but that slop in there will not satisfy me.”  His words were whispered near her ear and she shivered with anticipation.

“W-would you like to come to my p-place?”  She stammered, not knowing where the brazen offer had come from.

“Most definitely,” he said as he gently slid her back on the seat and took the front.  “Just direct me where to go.”

Sally wrapped her arms around his middle and pressed her nose close to his neck.  He smelled wonderful, like man, like sexy, strong, dark, and powerful man.  It was so intoxicating, her senses were in a frenzy by the time they arrived at her apartment.  She nearly ran from the parking lot, his hand tucked safely in hers so he couldn’t get away.

“Tell me, Sally, why do you flit from place to place like you do?”

Nothing dinged in her mind as odd that he knew that about her, she just smiled enticingly at him as she shut the door behind them.  Sealing herself in with what was, to her, the most enticingly sexual male she had ever encountered.

“I am searching, searching for a place where I can feel free and happy and not tied down by all the human things like money and responsibility.”  Sally pressed herself against him and ran her hands up and down his strong back.

“That is a very fine quest.  But I don’t think you will find that, not here in this human world.”  His words were whispered in her ear and punctuated with kisses along her jaw.

“Where else is there to look?”  She asked, breathless with wanting.  Her breasts ached to be touched and her sex was thrumming with life.

“In my world, Sally, you can have freedom like you have never dreamed.”  His hands roamed her body, lighting fires that shot flames straight to her core. 

“Mmm...”  Was all she was capable of saying at the moment as hot feeling flowed through her.  Her body was coming alive and she wanted nothing more than to ride him, long and hard and not stop until the sun came up.

“It is where you belong.  You are one of the chosen women.  It is why I have found you.  You will be mine now.”

“Yes, yours.”  She moaned as his fingers plucked at her erect nipples.

He guided her to the floor and as the fireworks flared in the distance she didn’t care that she didn’t know him, didn’t care that he was speaking of odd things to her.  All that she cared about was getting to where she wanted to go with him.  To that ultimate joy, that ultimate release.  Complete freedom of body and mind for one exquisite moment at orgasm.

Sally lay still as he undressed her with gentle hands.  She moaned and gasped as his hot mouth pressed against the skin he exposed.  His tongue was fuel to her burning desire.  It stroked her skin and stoked the fire that was building.  She arched her back as he slid her jeans and panties off. 

He gazed down at her exposed body, his eyes lighting up then darkening to a deep purple.  Sally bit her lip, trying to make her mind focus on him and what that could mean, but it was useless as his mouth descended and clasped onto her exposed flesh. 

“Oh god,” she whispered as his tongue flicked at her engorged clit.

“Not quite,” he chuckled against her.  His hands pushed her thighs wide and he lapped at her core. 

Moisture seeped from her as his ministrations drove her wild.  She rocked her hips back and forth, trying to get closer, get more.  He didn’t stop, just let her lead him with her movements, she was driving her own pleasure, she was in control and her body was free to move as it wanted. 

His hands moved around to grasp her ass and lift her up as he feasted on her flesh deeper, penetrating her with his hot tongue.

She fisted her hands in his hair as her desire threatened to overtake her, she didn’t want to, not yet.  She wasn’t ready to stop this wonderful torture. 

“Come, now,” he ordered, and she did.  Hard and fast and consuming, waves of heat overtook her and she cried out until his mouth covered hers and swallowed the sounds of her pleasure.

As soon as the waves receded she felt them building again.  His hands were all over her body and his bare skin was pressed against hers.  When had he taken off his clothes?  She wondered briefly as her hands ran along his bare back.

He was huge.  His cock pressing against the inside of her thigh was heavy and thick.  His mouth moved to her neck and his cock pressed forward, demanding entrance to her wet waiting core.  He sucked at her neck, sending tingles of excitement down her spine.  His cock pushed into her and her back arched, taking him deeper.

“We are a perfect fit,” he whispered against her mouth.  Then he took her in a deep kiss as his cock drove in and out of her wet sheath. 

Heat spread quickly through her until she was once again on the exquisite edge of release.  His mouth was hot and demanding on her mouth, his tongue matching the slide in and out of her body.  He pulled out when she was a stroke away from coming again.

She whimpered and pulled futilely on his hips.  He obviously wanted something different and she was helpless to force him to her will.  He pulled her up to her knees and held her close to his body, pushed her knees wide and slid his cock into her aching sex.  Her head fell back and a moan escaped her lips.  His hands were firm on her hips, not allowing her to move and achieve what was so temptingly close.

“Put your hands on my shoulders Sally, look into my eyes.  I want to see your face when you come around me.  I want you to see mine when I claim you fully with my seed.”

Sally did as he instructed, wanting nothing more than to please him so he would give her what she needed.  His eyes were black and hypnotizing.  She was completely drawn into them.  She couldn’t have looked away if she had wanted to, but she didn’t, those eyes held everything she had ever wanted. 

He fell back onto his heels and pulled her with, his cock never leaving her.  She was straddling him on her knees now and his hands on her hips controlled her movements, sliding her back and forth with slow torturous movements. 

Her body was an inferno, her mind was melted and she was lost to him, his hands controlled her body and his gaze controlled her will.  She was lost in him, in a world of all consuming pleasure.  He increased the tempo and her body thanked him with spasms around his cock.  Her mouth opened on a silent cry as the tempo increased again and she didn’t think she could hold back any more.

“Not yet,” he whispered and her body obeyed, the orgasm backing off.

She was delirious with the need to come, her sex was aching, swollen and drenched, clenching around his hard cock.  “Please,” she whispered, begging him to let her have her release, she didn’t think she could survive this, so hot, so intense.

“Now,” he said and slammed into her one last time.  His cock exploded, shooting hot fire inside of her and her body rejoiced, clenching uncontrollably.  She felt it in every part of her body, shaking and heating, her arms trembled, her hands vibrated and her toes curled.  But her gaze never left his as she experienced the most intense satisfying orgasm of her life.

He blinked and when he opened his eyes they were once again a delightful blue, the hold was broken and she closed her own eyes, falling forward against his chest and letting her exhausted and satisfied body be claimed by sleep.



Chapter 2



Sally’s whole body ached in the most delicious way as she stretched herself awake.  Memories of last night flooded her mind and she cringed as she scrambled through those memories for a name.  How had she spent a wonderful night making love to a man without knowing his name?

“Rise and shine my little vixen.”  Her mystery man’s silky voice settled her nerves and banished her guilt. 

She opened her eyes and screamed.

He was there, it was his eyes she saw and his voice she heard.  But he now sported a very obvious set of blood red horns curling along the sides of his head.

Sally backpedaled across the bed until she fell off and then huddled against the wall, hoping he would just disappear.  What the hell had she gotten herself into, he wasn’t human and she had slept with him.  She could even now be carrying his evil spawn.

“Sally, please don’t be afraid, it’s not what you think.”  He popped his head over the edge of the bed and she was slightly relived to see that his horns had disappeared.

“Who are you, what are you?”

He smiled at her calmly and locked his gaze with hers.  She felt herself relax instantly.  She pulled her gaze away shutting her eyes.  “You are doing something, messing with me in some way.”

“Sorry, I was only trying to relax you.  I can feel your fear and anxiety.  I want only to make you more comfortable, and happy.”

“I would feel all of that if you left.”  She opened her eyes and glared at him.

“That I cannot do, please, Sally, join me up here and I will explain everything.” 

His voice was so soft and harmless that Sally couldn’t help but believe him.  She joined him on the bed cautiously, and stayed as far as possible from him.

“I should start by telling you my name, I am Ryan and I am what many term a Demon.”

“O-kaaay…”  She said drawing the word out as she tried to figure out how to wake up from this wonderful dream turned horrible nightmare.

“I am a demon, which means that I have certain powers, but it doesn’t mean that I am evil.  Believe me, Sally if I was evil I would not have been attracted to you, who is so inwardly pure.  You are also in need of something more, more than you have been able to find in this life.  It is why I found you.  I can give you what you crave.”

“Powers.  Demon.”  Sally mumbled dumbly as she stared in shock at the beautiful man in front of her.

“Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but just think of the way you feel with me.  You feel free don’t you, freer than you ever have before?  It is because I am giving you what you need, because you are my destined mate.  There are certain humans who are destined to mate with demons.  When a demon finds this human he just knows, and he must have her.  You are mine, I knew it the instant you approached my table.  It was like my whole body thrummed with electricity and life and everything I was suddenly was directed at pleasing you and giving you exactly what it is that you want and need.”

“You’re nuts right, or I am maybe.  Which is it?”  Sally said while thoughts struggled to solidify in her mind.

He smiled at her placatingly.  “Neither, fortunately, and since we have had sex you are now in possession of immortal life, as long as we continue to have sex that is, otherwise the immortality will wear off eventually.”

Sally’s mind threatened to go black at his words, it was just too much.  She couldn’t take any more of this.  She dropped her suddenly aching head onto her knees and groaned.

“You will accept it all in time, trust me.  It always overwhelms at first.”

Sally lifted her head slowly and looked into Ryan’s eyes.  She saw completeness there, her completeness, she saw her freedom and her life, lived forever in the wonderfully pleasing arms of this man, this demon.  Maybe that wasn’t so bad.

She fell against his chest in surrender.  If what he said was true then he was offering her a kind of freedom that she would never be able to find, even on the most open of roads riding her bike.  To ride him forever, now that was a thought she could handle.  Sally lifted her head and pressed her lips to his. 

“I will take that as a yes,” he said smugly and she bit his lip in reprimand.

“That is a yes as long as you keep making me feel like you did last night.”

He growled and tightened his grip around her.  “Now that is something I intend to do as often as you’ll let me.”

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