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Chapters 1, 2 and 3 available below, more coming soon!

Chapter 1


            Scarlet didn’t know what to think as she sped toward a couples retreat with a man she didn’t know.  He was a very hot man, but still, she didn’t know him.  She had, in fact, met him just this morning and although in a normal situation she would have loved to spend some time with him.  This situation was anything but normal.  This was insanity, and she was sitting pretty right in the middle of it.  All her own doing, of course

            She slid her blue gaze over to him again.  Mack was a six foot, broad shouldered, golden-god of a man.  His thick thighs were wrapped tight in blue jeans and his muscled chest was hugged by a tight black t-shirt showing off every chiseled line.  He had dark, almost black eyes, golden-blonde shaggy hair, and tanned skin.  She could almost imagine him gliding through the water on a surf board, and damn she would like to see him all glistening wet in just a pair of board shorts.

            He was drool worthy, which is exactly what she had wanted when she’d hired him, an amazingly attractive man to play the part of doting new boyfriend.  She would spend the weekend making her ex totally jealous.  Hopefully by Monday morning she would be able to put her old relationship to rest.  It was Friday morning and she was sure there would be plenty of time for her plan to work.  She checked her watch, they had left the city two hours ago, they had to be getting close.  Theyd turned off the main road ten miles ago, how much farther into these mountains could this resort be?

            Scarlet primped for the umpteenth time, smoothing her long black hair and checking her makeup in the mirror, she even plumped her boobs, making sure she was showing ample cleavage in her low-cut bustier style top.  She glanced in Mack’s direction, but his gaze was all forward, not even a glimpse at her, damn him.  If he were checking her out she wouldn’t have to be so paranoid that she wasn’t at her hottest for arrival. 

            “There!” she squealed when a sign finally came into view announcing: Thorns and Roses Resort, Next Right.  “Okay, so you know what to do right?”

            “Make your ex jealous by being completely devoted to you and show him what he missed out on.” 

            Scarlet wasnt impressed with the bored way he spoke, as if this were no big deal, but…she supposed to him it wasn’t. To him it was just another job, even if it was so much more for her.  She was going to show Justin what he let get away.  Then when he was begging to have her back she was going to stab him right in his black heart and leave him asking why.  It would be beautiful.

            “That’s pretty much it, so we have to be the perfect newbie couple in there.”

            He finally glanced her way, his dark eyes giving nothing away.  His mouth was quirked up delightfully at the corner, making her think of how nice it would be to have those lips kissing her.  His rough voice sliding over her made her shiver a bit -- he really was a man made for sex.  “I think I can handle that, Babe.”

            He turned back to the road and she let the breath go she hadn’t even realized she’d been holding.  She had to stay focused on the task, making Justin jealous.  Mack was a tool for that, a very delightfully sexy tool, but still only a tool.  She had picked him up at the gym, hed been applying for a job and so obviously needed money. So for the next four days she owned him, and she would use him to her advantage.

            A smile spread across her face and her body heated, oh the ways I could use him, she thought.  On a bed, in a shower, against a wall…shaking her head she pushed those thoughts out.  She had no intention of sleeping with him.  That would just be wrong, she reminded herself, he was her employee, of sorts, for the weekend.  She wouldn’t take advantage of that.  No matter how erect her nipples were at the idea of his hands and mouth on them, and how damp her panties were getting thinking about that cock of his.  She could tell from the bulge in his tight jeans it would be more than satisfying. 

            Scarlet shifted uncomfortably in the seat, squeezing her thighs together, which she found only made the delightful ache worse.  Shed been far too long without a decent orgasm.  Of course if she had her way she would be getting one great goodbye fuck with Justin this weekend.  He was good in bed when he wanted to be, and she planned to be all about getting and not giving like she had been toward the end of their doomed relationship.  This last fuck would be all about her.

            “That must be it,” Mack said, pulling her out of her thoughts.

            Nervous butterflies filled her stomach as the resort came into view.  According to the website it was comprised of one main house where activities were held and some meals were provided.  Guests had a cabin and optional room service to eat in cabin rather than in the dining area.  It sounded wonderful, a great place for a quiet getaway with a lover.  As they approached she could only see the main house, it was a very large log building, blending nicely into the surrounding woods. 

            Mack pulled the car around to the front of the building and an attractive young man, maybe twenty with a welcoming smile, hurried out to open her door.  He wore a crisp red dress shirt and black slacks, very professional for a valet.

            “Welcome to the Thorns and Roses Resort, I hope you find your pleasure here,” he spoke with a smooth tone and a conspiratorial smile.  As he helped Scarlet out of the car his hand slid down her back, brushing briefly across her ass.

            Scarlet sucked in a shocked breath, but it was such a quick touch, it didn’t seem worth mentioning.  She didn’t want him fired over it after all and he was quickly gone, helping Mack grab out their bags and handing them off to a bellhop who had come out of the building.  He too was an attractive young man, wearing the same red shirt and black pants.  He had black hair and dark eyes that swept up and down Scarlet with an appreciative glance that left her feeling almost naked.  He followed it up with a familiar touch to her arm as he repeated the valet’s line, “Welcome to the Thorns and Roses Resort, I hope you find your pleasure here.”

            The man grabbed their two small bags and headed inside as the valet drove off to park her car.  Scarlet looked up at Mack and smiled, hoping she was hiding her nerves.

            “Friendly staff,” he said with a raised eyebrow, obviously he hadn’t missed anything. 

            Scarlet was a little annoyed he hadn’t said or done anything. He was supposed to be acting like her new boyfriend, and jealousy came with the territory.  They would have to discuss that when they were in private.

            All of her thoughts froze when they entered the building. 

            “What the fuck?” Mack gasped as they both stood rooted inside the front door.

            The light was low, sconces all around the dark maroon and black walls providing enough light to see while keeping the mood one of secrets and sex.  The walls were adorned with pictures of beautiful bodies in the middle of all kinds of fetish play and wild sex.  Scarlet didn’t know where to look, or not look.  Her gaze flew around the room trying to take it in and understand how this could be the right place.

            “Perhaps we took as wrong turn somewhere, there must be another Thorns and Roses Resort around here,” Scarlet whispered as a woman approached. 

She was wearing a tight dark green corset that pushed her large breasts up high and cinched her waist above a pair of skin tight black leather pants and boots reaching up to her thighs.  She had a pile of dark red hair high on her head with a peacock feather stuck in the side and curling tendrils around her faceShe reminded Scarlet of a burlesque dancer and was attractive, she wished she could dare to wear such a fun look. Scarlet liked the woman immediately.

            The woman had a big smile and her face was so kind and welcoming it almost put Scarlet at ease, but not quite.  A maid hurried into the foyer as well, or rather a woman in a maid’s costume that was best left in the bedroom.  Thigh high black fishnets held up by black garters that disappeared under a skirt so short Scarlet could easily see her ruffled white panties underneath.  She had a tiny apron and top that was so low her nipples were almost popping out.  Her hair was up in a bun and covered with a lace cap.  Scarlet’s mouth gaped as she tried to understand the point of the outfit.

            “Welcome welcome.  You must be Mack and Scarlet, Im so happy you made it.  I do believe you are our last couple to arrive.  Im Madame Rose and this is Jennifer, she will be your maid, Scott will be your butler,” she motioned to a man who had entered behind them and was now standing by their luggage. Long black hair, dark eyes, huge muscles and tanned skin, easily seen in his uniform of black slacks, no shirt and spiked dog collar around his neck.  He looked like a chip-n-dale’s dancer and was mouthwatering.  “Im certain you will find both to your liking, but if not, don’t hesitate to ask. We are always accommodating to our guests in whatever way we can be.” 

            She paused and Scarlet was too tongue tied to respond, thankfully Mack had seemed to recover.

            “I’m sure they will be just fine,” Mack assured Madame Rose, who gave him a nod and smile.

            “Good, then let’s get you two checked in and let your journey begin.  Follow me please.”  Madame Rose led them over to a large desk where she slipped behind and started tapping on the computer keys.

            Scarlet glanced up at Mack.  His gaze was riveted to Jennifer’s nearly exposed breasts.  Scarlet felt angry heat flood her face and she sent an elbow into his ribs, not hard, but enough to get his attention anyway.  He looked down at her with a lascivious grin and not a hint of remorse.  Scarlet turned away with hands fisted, they would definitely be having a talk about his role here. 

            “All our cabins are equipped with anything and everything to service your needs. Anything you might not find please just let either Jennifer or Scott know and they will fetch it for you straightaway.  Here is the key to your cabin and the itinerary.  The starred events are required.  All others are for you to pick and choose from.  Im sure you will find your pleasure here.”  Madame Rose handed Mack the key and an envelope.

            “Thank you, Madame Rose,” Mack said and grabbed Scarlet’s arm, directing her to follow Jennifer and Scott who were walking close, arms rubbing against each other now and again, familiarly.  They exited the building through a side door and followed a tree lined stone path as it curved. Taking a turn here or there and passing cabin after cabin, before stopping in front of theirs, cabin number twenty eight.  Scarlet was almost afraid of what she was going to find inside, some kind of fetish sex playground, no doubt.  A spark of heat lit in her at the thought, though she didn’t know where that was coming from. This wasn’t something she was into. 

            Jennifer took the key from Mack with a giggle and opened the door for them.  Scarlet stepped in first and flipped the light switch.  Again the light was low and the decorating scheme dark and lush.  It was all green and gold, making it feel rich and luxurious.  There was a huge bed in the center of the room, easily large enough for four or five, covered in pillows and a canopy.  To the right, under the only window, was a large fainting couch, it was the only other piece of furniture in the room.  This room obviously wasn’t meant to be a place for relaxing, it was a place for fucking.  Two doors were to the left, one was open and she could see it led to a large bathroom with a giant tub, the other was closed and Scott headed straight for it with their bags, a closet. 

            When Scott opened the door he revealed more than just a place for their belongings however.  There were rows of miscellaneous toys and restraints and things she wasn’t even sure how to use, all looking terribly naughty and very intriguing.  Scarlet’s mouth went dry as she thought of playing with some of those things, on that large inviting bed, with these beautiful people.

            “What kind of place have you brought me to?” Mack whispered in her ear, his voice low and husky.  He was close behind her and he pressed his body against hers, she could feel his hard cock against her ass.  Obviously he was as intrigued as she by all this.

            “I’m not sure, but I have a feeling we’ll be finding out shortly,” she whispered back, a tremble in her voice.

            Jennifer walked up to them with an expectant look on her face.  “What would Madame and Sir require of me now?”  Her voice was low and sultry, even Scarlet was getting turned on by it.  Scott walked to Jennifer’s side, an equally expectant look on his face, and a dark smile promising delights of the carnal nature upon demand.  A tremble ran down Scarlet’s spine at the thought that she could request almost anything of the two of them…  

Chapter 2

Scarlet’s mind spun with the possibilities of this place, so obviously a

place meant for a person to explore the very deepest and darkest of their

desires. A box opened in her mind and she felt a rush of warmth spread

through her body as she allowed herself to think of all the things she’d

always suppressed as being too naughty.

“I think perhaps we just want to settle in, take a look at the schedule

before we decide what we want to do,” Mack said and guided her over to

the couch.

It wasn’t a small couch, but she sat close to him anyway, she was

craving touch, and she didn’t much care who it came from. Scarlet’s

gaze traveled down to Mack’s crotch, and the erect cock straining

against his jeans. He likes the idea of this place too.

Scarlet and Mack looked over the itinerary. It was a huge list of events

and activities, some of which Scarlet couldn’t even begin to imagine

what they were about, some were obvious, and a few were starred.

Those were the things they were required to do. Scarlet slid her finger

across the paper to the first starred event, it was scheduled for early

evening, a dinner meet and greet it said. Come dressed for your

particular brand of fun.

“What do you think that means?” Mack asked. His deep voice a bit


“It means you are to dress to represent your fetish, Sir,” Jennifer said

with a giggle.

Scarlet and Mack shared a look of concern.

“And what if you…aren’t really sure what your…uh…fetish is? How

would one dress to represent that?” Scarlet questioned.

“Well, then I suppose you would simply dress however you feel sexiest,

be that leather, lace, chains, corset or whatever. The point is to

exemplify whatever makes you feel good, whatever turns you on.” As

Jennifer spoke, Scott moved close behind her.

“Some like to serve,” Scott said quietly, his hands sliding around

Jennifer’s waist. “Like Jennifer and myself, we dress accordingly and

have had the pleasure of gaining employment here on occasion to do just


“Serve huh.” Scarlet’s gaze swept over the attractive couple and her

body heated even more. “So you really are here to do whatever we


“Within reason, of course. We are both eagerly awaiting instruction,”

Scott said and Jennifer gave an eager nod.

Scarlet felt her panties dampen as Scott spoke -- she wanted him, and

Jennifer, and Mack. Oh God, what has come over me? Her nipples

hardened and she uncrossed and crossed her legs, unable to quite get

comfortable. She wasn’t sure how to pinpoint and express exactly what

she wanted, she wanted…everything.

“I think perhaps Madame and Sir would like us to help them undress?”

Jennifer said with a smile that made Scarlet wonder if her own thoughts

were so obvious.

“Yes,” Scarlet whispered, feeling a bit breathless. “I mean, if that’s okay

with you, Mack.”

Mack’s eyes were dark with desire and as Jennifer stepped close he

pulled her down to his lap, pressing his mouth to hers. A stab of

jealousy raced through Scarlet but was soon forgotten as Scott pulled her

to her feet and began undressing her with gentle hands. His mouth was

near her ear, his hot sweet breath sending shivers of delight down her

spine as his fingers worked quickly, unhooking the back of her bustier


“Tell me how best to serve you. I want to please you in the absolute best

way possible.” Scott’s words melted Scarlet and she leaned into him as

he slipped the last hook from her top and it opened in the back. His

warm hands pressed against her skin, and it felt so good to be touched.

Scarlet let her mind wander through all the things she had always

wanted to try, but was always too afraid to ask for. She picked the one

that seemed the easiest to start with, but she still felt her face redden

with embarrassment as she made her request.

“I want to be tied up,” she whispered, and a rush of excitement more

intense than anything she had ever felt before, rushed through her body.

It was so freeing to ask for what she wanted, and know she was going to

get it. She trembled with anticipation.

“Mmmm…that is something I will thoroughly enjoy doing for you. Do

you have a preference as to the type of bonds used?”

Scarlet had to force herself to swallow, her mouth was dry and it took a

moment before she was able to answer. It didn’t help that his mouth had

begun to kiss along her neck and her top had fallen to the floor, leaving

her bare breasts free to rub against his bare chest. His long hair tickled

the tops of her breasts and sent shivers down her spine. Giggles and

moans were coming from Mack and Jennifer, adding to the excitement

of the situation. Whatever went on, it would be witnessed, or at least

had the potential to be witnessed, by them. The thought of being

watched as she was tied and taken, it was intoxicating.

“Something soft,” she finally managed to get out on a moan as Scott’s

hands moved down to cup her ass through her tight jeans.

“I know just the thing.” Scott pulled her over to the huge bed. His gaze

perused her exposed breasts appreciatively and his hands moved to the

waistband of her jeans. “Let’s finish what we started first.” He popped

the button and slid the zipper down with a slow torturing pace, his

fingers grazing her skin as he went. He knelt in front of her before

sliding her jeans down, giving her a view of Mack and Jennifer.

Mack had already stripped Jennifer down to her thigh high stockings and

panties. She was laid out across his lap like a feast and he was tasting

her nipples as she moaned and arched up to him. It was a beautiful site.

Scarlet slid her hands up to her own breasts, pinching at her nipples as

she watched, as if she could feel Jennifer’s excitement as well as her


Scott slipped her shoes off, then her jeans and kissed his way around her

thighs for a few moments, allowing her plenty of time to watch the scene

play out in front of her. It wasn’t long until she was so wet and horny

she didn’t want to wait any longer, she wanted a cock in her, now.

Scarlet sat on the bed, leaning back slightly and looking down at Scott,

still kneeling on the floor at her feet. “You look good down there but I

think you were going to get something to bind me with.”

“Yes, Madame, of course.” Scott hurried off to do as she instructed and

Scarlet continued to watch Mack.

He was moving a hand over Jennifer’s crotch, rubbing her clit through

her panties, and she was enjoying it, her panties noticeably damp. Her

legs were open wide, allowing him all the access he could want.

Scarlet had never realized how much fun it could be just to watch. Her

body was reacting as if it were her being touched and stroked -- her cunt

so wet now. She slid a hand down her body and pressed a finger against

her clit, stroking in the same rhythm Mack was using on Jennifer. She

gasped and Mack’s gaze lifted to her. He watched her with dark eyes,

intense as he licked and sucked Jennifer’s nipples, his finger continuing

its slow rhythm over her clit. Scarlet pinched her nipple with one hand

and fingered her clit with the other, loving the way Mack watched her.

Scott returned to the bed, cutting off the intense play. He held out a rope

for her approval. Scarlet ran a finger along the silky length and smiled --

it was perfect. She would be tightly bound without the worry of chafing

her skin.

“Is there a safe word you prefer?” Scott asked as he started to tie the

rope around one wrist. The feel was everything she had always thought

it would be and she bit her lip as her cunt clenched in anticipation.

“Safe word…ummm no, I don’t have a preference,” Scarlet whispered, a

little unnerved, but also excited. This was turning into something so

much better than just revenge. This was satisfaction on so many levels.

Scott pushed her back on the bed and rolled her over to her stomach with

a firm hand. “How about knock. If things get too intense or you just

want to stop, say knock and I’ll know you’re serious. If you don’t say

knock I won’t stop until it’s over and we have both come intensely.”

His last words were spoken with a gruff whisper as he tightened the rope

around her other wrist. She couldn’t help but moan. She pulled slightly

on the ropes, testing them. They held firm, she wouldn’t be able to get

out of them on her own and the idea made her pant. Without the use of

her hands she was delightfully helpless to the whims of the others.

“What kind of naughty girl are you?” Scott whispered close to her ear,

his tongue jetting out and flicking across her lobe. “Are you a bad girl

who needs to be spanked?” Scott’s hand ran over her exposed ass as he

spoke, slapping against her lightly, teasing.

The slap of his hand sent desire straight to her cunt and she felt her

juices running down the inside of her thigh. Scarlet arched her back and

pushed her ass out. “Yes, yes I have been a naughty girl,” she said, a

little breathless.

Scott chuckled, low and sexy, his hand coming down on her ass again,

harder this time and she jumped a little. The sting was unexpected, but

very delightful and Scarlet wanted more. “You have been a very naughty

girl, Scarlet.” Smack. “You know you have.” Smack. “It’s why you are

here.” Smack. “Why you are tied up.” Smack. “Naked.” Smack. “Ass in

the air.” Smack. “Like the dirty little girl you know you are.” Smack.

Scarlet was spinning, her body on fire, her cunt drenched, dripping down

her thighs to the bed. She had never been more ready to be fucked. “Oh

God, fuck me now, Scott,” she moaned as his hand slid down to her

cunt, his fingers dipping in and sliding up to touch her clit briefly. He

pulled back and smacked her ass again.

“Naughty girl, I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready.” Smack. “You

will take your punishment first.” Scott leaned over her, pressing his hard

cock against her ass, the fabric of his pants rough against the now tender

skin. His hands gripped her hips, holding her tight against him. “Is this

what you want, naughty girl? You want my cock?”

Scarlet groaned and pulled against her bonds, desperate to have him.

“Yes, oh fuck yes.”

Scott fisted a hand in her hair, pulling her back roughly until she was

pressed against his chest, the spikes of his dog collar pricking at her as

he whispered in her ear. “Then fucking beg me.” His hand slid down the

front of her body, his finger finding her clit and sliding around it.

Scarlet trembled uncontrollably, wound so tight, needing him to fuck

her. Her hips thrust forward, trying to get more of his fingers on her but

he denied her, moving his hand away and she whimpered. His grip

tightened in her hair and she tried to focus her mind.

“Beg me to fuck you like the naughty little girl you are.”

“Please. Please, Scott. Fuck me.” Each word she spoke was like a mini

orgasm, her body trembling, her cunt clenching.

Scott moved his hand back to her cunt and this time slipped two fingers

deep, using them to hold her still, denying her the satisfaction of

grinding herself against his hand. “Tell me you’re a naughty little girl.”

“I’m a naughty little girl. I need you to fuck me because I’m a naughty

little girl.” The words were a scream by the end as he swirled his fingers

in her cunt.

“Yes you are, and I know just what to do with you.”

Scott pushed her down on the bed and she heard him jerking his pants

down, felt the dip of the bed as he removed them and repositioned

himself behind her. Her head was down, her ass was up and her legs

were wide. Never had she felt more exposed, more vulnerable, and more

excited. Moans and sounds of wet touches were coming from Jennifer

and Mack now. Scarlet couldn’t see them but she knew they would be

able to easily see her, could watch as Scott fucked her, had watched as

he had dominated her. The thought was so erotic.

Scott’s hands grasped her hips and with one hard thrust he pushed his

cock deep. He pounded into her from behind, quick hard thrusts.

Punishing and perfect. She gasped and moaned, soon she was screaming

as she felt an intense orgasm building. She was going to come, hard, all

over this man. This man she didn’t know, couldn’t touch, and who had

just been spanking her. “Oh fuck…” she groaned trying to hold back her


“Don’t you dare hold it back. You come, come now like the naughty girl

you are,” Scott demanded.

Scarlet was helpless to disobey, her body was in his control. “I’m

coming!” she screamed as her body shuddered and drenched Scott’s

cock with an intense orgasm. He pounded into her even harder as her

orgasm rippled on and on, screaming into the pillow.

Scott pulled out and she felt the hot jets of his spunk as he came all over

her ass and back. Spurt after spurt as he groaned and masturbated behind


Chapter 3


            Scarlet took a moment to just breathe as she lay there on her knees, ass raised and covered in cum. Her hands still bound behind her she was completely sated and yet still very much ready for another round. Where has all this lust come from? She didn’t know but she liked it.

            “Mmmm…youre such a good dirty girl,” Scott whispered behind her.

            Scarlet wasn’t sure how to respond, but she knew she liked his praise, unable to stop the lazy smile from spreading across her face. “How much time do we have until we must show ourselves, and be presentable?” she asked, her voice low and husky, barely recognizable as her own.

            “Plenty of time, don’t worry. A couple of hours I think.” His hands were gentle as they untied her wrists then firm as they gave her a playful slap on the ass.

            She flexed her hands, just slightly tingly from the forced position. Scarlet rolled over with a sigh and looked across the room to Mack and Jennifer. They were both completely naked now. Mack had Jennifer straddling his lap, looking toward the bed. They had both been watching the scene as Scarlet and Scott fucked, had likely come at the same time as them.  Jennifer’s chest was heaving and she bit her lip as she looked toward the bed, her nipples erect, her hand drifted down to her open thighs, Mack’s cock still buried deep there. Jennifer wanted more.

            Mack’s dark gaze drifted over Scarlet’s body from behind Jennifer. His appreciative look made her body heat and wicked ideas run through her mind. He looked ready to give both her and Jennifer more of what they needed.

            “Why don’t you two join us on the bed,” she suggested in her newly husky voice.

            “I would love to,” Jennifer whispered, a little breathless as her finger skimmed over her clit. She slid off Mack’s lap and crossed the room, cum dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

            Scarlet couldn’t take her gaze off that drip. “Wait,” Scarlet demanded. Jennifer froze halfway to the bed. Scarlet slipped to the floor and kneeled in front of her, capturing the tempting dribble with her tongue and tracing it all the way back to Jennifer’s plump cunt.

            Jennifer gasped and her hands slid into Scarlet’s hair, nails scraping gently across her scalp. Scarlet pushed her tongue past Jennifer’s wet lips and flicked across her clit. She was rewarded with Jennifer’s fists tightening in her hair, pulling lightly as her hips pushed forward. Scarlet lost herself in the pleasure of Jennifer’s cunt, licking and sucking. Jennifer was moaning and pulling on her hair, holding her face tight against her cunt. Scarlet ran her hands up the backs of Jennifer’s soft legs until she was gripping her ass and as she tightened her grip in Scarlet’s hair, Scarlet dug her nails into Jennifer’s plump ass.

            Soon they were both panting, dripping wet and needing to be fucked. Scarlet was about to suggest it when she felt strong hands on her shoulders and a thick leather collar was placed around her neck, snug but not tight. She leaned away from Jennifer’s delicious cunt and looked up at Mack above her, leash in hand. His lips quirked up in a lopsided grin that made him look devilish rather than happy. Her cunt clenched and a fresh rush of wetness seeped out as she sat there on her knees, collared and looking up into his beautiful face, his strong hand holding her leash firm.

            “I found this in the closet and thought it might fit us nicely for the meet and greet. Im feeling very good about holding your leash.” Mack’s eyes narrowed and their dark depths seemed to go completely black.

            Scarlet couldn’t catch her breath, she wanted him so badly, wanted to be his, claimed and owned by him. “Yeah,” she managed weakly.

            “But until then, I think you should keep yourself nestled right there between Jennifer’s thighs,” Mack commanded.

            Scarlet wasted no time, burying herself between Jennifer’s thighs again, her mouth open and her tongue penetrating. Jennifer’s juices sliding down her throat as she drank her in. Scarlet heard whispers above her but couldn’t understand, and didn’t care to try. All that mattered was Jennifer’s cunt and the ache between her own thighs. Scarlet reached one hand down her body, her fingers searching out her engorged clit. Her fingers slid across it and then pushed deep inside, mirroring the actions of her tongue in Jennifer.

            “Naughty girl…masturbating in front of us, licking Jennifer’s cunt. Up on your knees, show me your ass.” Mack’s words made Scarlet moan and she moved quickly to obey.

            Scarlet got on all fours, still licking Jennifer’s juicy cunt. Scott moved behind Jennifer, holding her as she leaned back, weak-kneed from Scarlet’s attentions. Mack’s hands drifted down her back and smacked her ass. Scarlet moaned, arched her back and spread her legs, her cunt so wet, so wanting, her every nerve ending straining for touch.

            Scott’s cock slipped between Jennifer’s thighs and Scarlet’s tongue darted out to taste it as it slid deep, Jennifer’s cunt parting for his smooth entrance. Buried deep, his balls hanging close, tempting her, Scarlet left Jennifer’s sweet cunt for a brief suck at Scott’s balls. Taking each one fully into her mouth, she savored them then moved back to Jennifer’s clit as Scott began to move in and out of her.

            Mack was grasping her ass now, his hard cock pressing for entrance at her cunt. She could have screamed with the torture as he pushed in slowly, his cock stretching her in the most perfect way, her cunt clenching at him, her juices flowing out around him. His hands on her ass prevented her from pushing back like she wanted to, slamming onto him fully. She had to be still, had to wait for what he would give her. And she thought she might die from it, needing so much more than he was giving her at the moment.

            “Please. Please just fuck me, Mack. Oh God I need it,” she gasped.

            Mack growled behind her and shoved his cock deep, filling her, finally giving her what she needed.

            “Yes…” she groaned and flicked her tongue frantically over Jennifer’s clit as Mack began to fuck her, moving in and out at a harsh pace, slamming deep, taking her ever closer to that beautiful edge.

            Jennifer’s frantic panting above her and tight grip in her hair showed just how much she was enjoying this too. Scott was thrusting behind her, grunting as his cock slammed into her. Jennifer’s cunt juices covering his balls and Scarlet’s chin as they both worked to get her off.

            “I’m going to come…Oh fuck!” Jennifer moaned, moving herself harder against Scarlet’s open mouth, greedily fucking her face.

            “Do it,” Mack growled as he shoved his cock hard into Scarlet. “Fucking come all over this naughty girl’s face. You know she wants it, wants your come in her mouth, so give it to her.”

            Mack’s words made Scarlet’s cunt clench and she moaned, vibrating Jennifer’s clit.

            “Oh fuck….I’m coming…I’m coming!” Jennifer’s hips thrust forward and back as she shouted and trembled. Her cunt gushing, her hands so tight in Scarlet’s hair, forcing her face against her clit as she moved herself against it.

            Scarlet’s body raced to meet Jennifer’s orgasm, wanting that release to be her own. Mack’s hand smacked against her ass as he continued to slam into her.

            “You will come too, Scarlet, come on my cock, come with Jennifer,” Mack demanded and smacked her ass again. “Now.”

            Scarlet didn’t wait, couldn’t wait, her body was his to command and it was taking his order seriously. Her orgasm was so consuming, her entire body felt it and she screamed as her cunt clenched around his cock, gushing around him as he pushed deep.

            Her orgasm triggered Mack’s, she felt him spurting deep inside her as he grunted and gripped her hips tight. Her orgasm wouldn’t quit as he released, filling her. She screamed again as it started all over and Scott’s grunts joined the mix of moans and screams of pleasure.

            Her body was limp, trembling and exhausted. So fully satisfied, she just wanted to crawl off to bed and sleep for a day. Scott and Jennifer pulled away and collapsed on the couch, looking equally exhausted. Mack pulled on her leash, forcing her upright. She fell back against his hard body and sighed deep.

            “So do you think we found your fetish?” Mack whispered against her ear, his husky voice making her shiver.

            “I think we did.”

            “Well then we had better get cleaned up so we aren’t late for this first required activity.”

Mack gently removed her collar and pulled out of her, their combined juices dribbled down her thigh. A hot shower was most definitely needed before she was ready to face anyone. “Im going to take myself to the bathroom. Is there just the one for all of us to share?”

            “Yes, but it is made for groups,” Jennifer said with a giggle.

            Scarlet wobbled to her feet. “Well that makes sense.”

            Mack slid an arm around her back to steady her and guided her to the bathroom. Scarlet was impressed. It was huge, easily the same size as the room they had just been in. It held a large open shower with four shower heads, a Jacuzzi tub big enough for two comfortably, more if you were getting close.

            “Was anything in this place not built for sex?” she wondered aloud.

            “I don’t think so,” Mack said beside her.




Another chapter coming soon!!!

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